Friday, December 14, 2012


Revlon: Girly

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Hello and Happy Friday!

Today I have a polish I was freaking out to get my hands on and the always amazing polish bestie Amanda, found it at Rite Aid and sent it my way. I received this in the mail Thursday and as soon as I got home around 10pm, I quickly put this on!

Since Girly has a sheer-ish base I applied one coat of Jessica Strawberry Shake It. Then applied two coats of Girly and on my ring finger just two coats of Strawberry Shake It,as an accent nail.

I was so glad to see a mainstream brand come up with something so lovely and cool! I love the mixture of pink and purple in there. It has various shapes of hexoganal glitters and micro glitters as well. Just a super "girly" polish!

What do you think?



  1. So cute! I need to go out & find this immediately!! Love that your did a no shimmer polish as your accent nail =) xx

  2. I was wondering what I should use as underwear for this so thank you for clearing that up! I've also been wanting to wear SSI again so two birds one stone :)

    I absolutely love this on you! Just the perfect shades of pink and purple!

  3. I've never seen Girly before but now I want it. It's so pretty! It's cool to see something unique like this from a drugstore brand.

  4. I really love this the polish is super pretty!

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  6. I love this polish! very cute :)

  7. I love this polish! very cute :)

  8. Very pretty! Would never guess that was Revlon, woohoo! Gorgeous colours.

  9. i must have this one..i'm stalking all my drugstores to see where i can find em!

  10. This is a major lemming of mine right now. Gorgeous!

  11. This polish is so gorgeous! I hope I find it soon :)

  12. Ahh! This is so pretty and so girly! Love it :D