Thursday, May 24, 2012


Jessie's Girl: Mermaid Lagoon

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Hello and happy Thursday!

I have always loved the YouTube beauty gurus. I also love watching JulieG's Channel. She has a channel about makeup, fashion, and nail polish and nail art. She is phenomenal! Last year she created a collection for   Jessie's Girl. 

One of the polishes was Mermaid Lagoon. The lovely Amanda, picked one up for me. It is such a lovely turquoise/teal color with gold shimmer. The gold didn't translate so well on the pictures but was visible in real life. I also loved the formula and the opacity of these polishes.


She now has her own line called JulieG. All of the colors look awesome!! I only wish I had a Rite Aid close by to pick some up. But any who this polish is awesome and I am so glad to own it, the next time I wear it I want to stamp a design on it with a gold foil polish. I think the contrast will be awesome. 

What do you think?



  1. This is one of my favorites from this brand. Looks lovely on you hon.

  2. Wow, this is VERY pretty! And it looks so lovely on you :)

  3. This is a gorgeous blue! Looks great on you.

  4. This is beautiful on you! Blues literally glow on you!

  5. It's soo pretty! I have in my wishlist and I keep falling in love with it over and over again every time I see it!

  6. i wore this one a little while ago, so pretty!! love it on you:]

  7. Looks great on you! I LOVE this kind of blue.

  8. Ooh great color. Just dusty enough to not be too bright.

  9. That's such a beautiful shade of blue! I'll bet the gold stamping would really bring out the golden shimmer too. This is absolutely going on my hunt list for my next trip to the States!